Hi, I’m Taz! I’m a 20-something bookworm blogging from California about the books I’m reading, the films I’m watching, and maybe some other random things that I’m passionate about. I love books, I read anything and everything–classic novels, contemporary novels, nonfiction, biographies, some chick lit–from the library, bookstore, or on my Kindle (love that thing). And I enjoy movies almost as much – from new releases to classics. Thanks so much for stopping by!


One response to “About

  1. “Another Man’s Treasure” is my second book but my first novel. I consider it women’s fiction but with a male protagonist. Happily married home organizer Ted McCormick struggles to resist the charm and seductive flirtations of client Janet Blake, a divorced working mother in need of a decent man. He doesn’t act on his growing feelings for her, but his wife grows suspicious and Janet’s jealous ex threatens him. Another client, the cantankerous James Smith, is convinced his eccentric father died leaving something of great value hidden in his cluttered and mysterious Victorian mansion. Something—or someone—is in the house preventing Ted from finding the treasure. The two plots come together and have satisfying surprise endings, one so compelling that it makes national news. Lots of sexual tension, some sex, mystery, no violence.
    Published September 2011 by Post Mortem Press as a trade paperback and an eBook.
    Can I send you a copy to review?


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