Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley ConfidentialI got really excited last week over something that I read on The Daily Beast. I was at work and I almost jumped out of my chair. Take a look for yourself. Francine Pascal has actually written an entire Sweet Valley High book herself (most of them were written by ghost writers, but the plot lines were written by her) and this one, Sweet Valley Confidential, is set in NYC and Sweet Valley and Jessica and Elizabeth are grown women, aged 27. Pretty much my age, yikes.

I cannot stress how much of a nerd I am, I know, but those books were a huge guilty pleasure of mine during juniorWakefield twins high and high school. I was too young to witness Sweet Valley High‘s real hayday in the 80s, unfortunately. I caught on to the books (and then was hooked on all that silly, glossy perfection) in the late 90s. I haven’t thought about Sweet Valley in years!

So then of course I went onto Amazon and pre-ordered the book for my Kindle. It just arrived today. While I’m very into it, I think Middlesex, which I’m currently reading, may get pushed to the side until I gobble up this new development in the lives of the infamous Wakefield twins.


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