Moon Palace

Moon Palace by Paul AusterSo currently, I’m reading Paul Auster’s Moon Palace. I actually had never read any of his books until the English editor of a newspaper I was writing for in Buenos Aires recommended him. I saw a copy of The Book of Illusions in the small English section of the airport in Montevideo, Uruguay and bought it without hesitation. I loved that book.

So now I am 3/4 through Moon Palace, and I have got to say, Auster does not disappoint. Now I want to read his other novels. I love the span of his imagination, the scope and unlikeliness of events in his characters’ lives, yet how it all resonates with things that I actually feel and think as well. He is one of those writers who drag you deep into the mind of their protagonist and the protagonist’s world, so that even during the hours when you’re not reading the book, you’re walking around with the character’s mindset and thinking about the characters like you know them better than most of your friends.Paul Auster

In Moon Palace, the protagonist’s name is Marco Stanley Fogg, but you almost forget that; he is seldom addressed by his name throughout the book, and then his life recedes into the background when the events of Thomas Effing’s life take center stage for a good portion of the book.

Anyway, just coming out of that portion now, but just wanted to get down how much I love Auster’s style of writing. And his characters are so unique. I’ll have more to say when I finish the book, which will probably be soon!


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